Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Simply Sweet Peas

All Peas are pretty, hence they deserve all the pretty dresses that matches their level of sweetness.

Introducing to you, Simply Sweet Peas, a simple dress that is designed for comfort and ready for any occasion. Be it a joyful party, a picnic at the park, a day at the city, this dress is the right fit.

It comes in 5 designs, each with similar cutting but with its distinctive details.

All the Simply Sweet Peas line up, have you found the one you like?

Just So You Know...
We gave you the extra inches in length, you can easily extend it by removing the thread should your little Pea had grown taller in size. Now how cool is that?

How do we know the extra inches matter? Because we are parents too. :)

Let's take a closer look at our collection available today.

Pink Daisy

Pink daisy dress of different shades, complete with a little daisy on the chest. Open back with buttons. Perfect for the birthday girl. This piece has adjustable length, not fixed waist size.

Availability: Age 1y-2y (1pc)
Material: 100% English cotton with cotton lining
Price: RM 45 (excluding postage)

Little Daisy Dress for your little Pea's special day

Back view of the dress

Green Meadow

Pretty little flower dress that reminds you of the meadow, with a yellow ribbon across the chest line (yet to be added, please imagine that for now). Open back with buttons.
Availability: Age 18mo-3y (1pc)
Material: 100% Premium US Designer cotton
Price: RM 45  (excluding postage)

Green Meadow dress with sweat pasture color flowers.

back view of the dress

Little Navy
Little dress in stripes of blue for that adventurous Pea of yours. Open back with buttons.
Availability: Sold Out
Material: 100% Japanese light cotton
Price: RM 45

Little Navy dress for your adventurous Pea

Back view of the dress

See little Pea in action

Little Bubbly
Little pinky dots dress for the bubbly Pea of yours, with matching pink ribbon across the chest line.Availability: Age 18mo-3y (1pc)
Material: 100% English cotton with cotton lining
Price: RM 45

Little Bubbly dress for your sweet little Pea

Lovely pink bow across the waist line

Busy Traffic

Little yellow dress with little cars with matching red ribbon across the chest line. Open back with buttons.
Availability: Make to order
Material: 100% Japanese light cotton with cotton lining
Price: RM 45

Little yellow dress with a sweet red ribbon

Vroom vroom... watch out for the cars!

How to Order?
Add your comments below, or email us direct at peahatch@gmail.com, with your preferred design, size and personalisation request if desired.

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