About Pea Hatch

It all began with a dream.

A working mother who dreamt of making beautiful dresses for her precious little ones. She started pursuing that dream by putting the thought into action. Step by step and day by day, the sewing machine was kept busy in the wee hours, churning out new creation after creation.

After making numerous clothing for her little ones, from dress to blouse to pants to shirt to bedding set to quilt to booties to hair accessories to pajamas to bags to soft toys and the list went on and on.... she decided to share her passion of dress designing with other little ones through this humble website.

 Hence, the birth of this web store.

The pursuit of dream is still on going, and at Pea Hatch, we thank you for your support and patronage.May you find a piece or more that suit your little ones.

"I have a dream. A dream that every little Pea 
will have a piece of Pea Hatch that truly reflects 
hers or his personality."

-- Mama Pea

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