Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Baby Soft Comforter: Little Giraffe (latest in store!)

* This item is SOLD. Thanks for your interest & look for more design to come!*

It's holiday season, so we are making up something special.... 

Made of 100% quality designer cotton, this baby soft comforter is both functional and delightful piece to brighten up any kid's room. The soft cotton and light batting bring warmth and comfort to your little Pea during the bedtime, naptime or rolling around time.

Wake up by a chirpie birdie, a curious giraffe, a smiling caterpillar, a playful tortoise, a giggly alligator or the busy bumblebee? Or perhaps all of them? These little animals are here to make the morning beautiful.

Suitable for newborn to 5 years old (please refer to size), the sweet pastel color makes it ideal for little boy or little girl.

This comforter is machine washable (on mild) and can tumble dry.

100% designer cotton in sweet Earth tone color on both sides.

Price: RM 90 (excluding postage)
Availability: 1 (ready stock)
Material (external): 100% US designer cotton 
Material (internal): 1.5cm soft batting 
Size (approximate): 110cm x 90cm or 44" x 35" 

FREE from Pea Hatch!
We can add embroidery of the name F.O.C, yes, no additional charge. Only English alphabet supported.

How to Order?
Add your comments below, or email us direct at peahatch@gmail.com

Buying as A Gift?

Let us wrap this up and include a gift card for you, just tell us the recipient's name, personal  message and your name.

All for a small fee of RM5.00.

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